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NCFC is keeping the current uniform for the 2021-2022 season. This means that current NCFC players can continue to wear the practice gear and jerseys they already have. If your player has outgrown any piece of their gear, you can order larger sizes on the KombatSoccer website (link below).


  • New players please check with your team manager BEFORE ordering to avoid duplicate player numbers.
  • You can order the prearranged ‘uniform package’ on the Kombat soccer website (link below).
  • Package includes:
    • 2 practice shirts
    • 1 pair shorts
    • 1 pair red socks
    • 1 pair white socks
    • 1 red jersey
    • 1 white jersey


We are not coordinating whole team orders this time around (this may be possible next year when the league will have a new uniform).  Each family will need to order separately if they need items for their player.


FYI: Kombatsoccer is getting low on inventory of the navy shorts we have been wearing. They may need to substitute for another similar navy short of a different material. We are aware of this and appreciate your flexibility and understanding.


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