We are very excited to bring to you our new NCFC Skills Challenge!


We wanted to create a fun program for our players which they could go out and train on their own, train with friends or their family.  Our Skills Challenge gives players specific skills within each level that they can perfect and be tested on.

Players can be tested before or after practice by their coach or any director, or submit a video of them doing all skills at the best of their ability to cdaly@northcoastfc.org.


Players who have shown that they have perfected each skill within that level will receive a Skills Challenge Pin which they can proudly display on their bag, as well as have their name on the NCFC Website on the Skills Challenge page.

Collect all 6 Pins!

Be the first to advance to the next level from your team or even the first in the club.  Start at the White Level, and go all the way to the Gold level.  The Challenge never ends, so you can continue to advance thru each level while with NCFC.  Each level and skill is broken down and demonstrated in our NCFC Skills Challenge videos.

Have fun and good luck.

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