Current AQI in East Petaluma


The “Fire and Smoke Map” was developed by the EPA and US Forest Service as a hybrid air quality site, combining readings from the state-regulated AirNow, with its quality monitors, and the popular PurpleAir, with its hundreds of sensors in local areas.  We believe the “Fire and Smoke Map” will give us both the accuracy, and localized data that we need to make the best decisions for the health of our kids.
  • 🔴 AQI > 150 (Unhealthy, or worse) - All outdoor activities CANCELLED
  • 🟡 AQI between 100-150 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) - Teams may train outdoors, though you have the option to keep your children home. Trainings are to be scaled back, with more frequent breaks.
  • 🟢 AQI < 100 – No restrictions to outdoor activities

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