Hello NCFC Members,

Exciting News! The State of California has updated its youth sports guidelines, allowing us to return to competition both at training and in games vs outside opponents. You can read the announcement by following the link:  click here

The updated guidelines will begin on February 26 and is dependent on Sonoma County being below 14 cases per 100k. We are currently at 13.8 and moving lower. This info can be viewed by following the link:   click here.


What does this mean for our club?


North Coast FC Game-On Event February 26-27 and March 6-7

We will set up inter-club scrimmages for every North Coast FC team. We are waiting on field confirmation from the City but expect to have access to fields for these games. Every team will have one game each weekend, and we will get the schedule out to you ASAP. Parents will be allowed to watch from the sidelines, with social distancing and masks strictly enforced. Players will be required to wear masks to and from the field and whenever not playing. Any player who wishes to wear a mask while playing will be allowed to do so.


March 1st- Return to Regular Full Contact Trainings

Beginning March 1st, we will return to regular full contact training, players will be required to wear masks to and from the field but are not required towear during play. Any player who wishes to wear a mask while playing will be allowed to do so.


March 13th/14th

Games vs outside club, we are working on setting up games for every team vs a local Sonoma County Club, schedule TBA.


Mid-March Date TBA- Nor Cal Return to play Spring League

All teams 2012-2007 will participate in this scaled back version of a Spring League, games will be vs opponents from Sonoma County or an adjacent county that is also below the 14 per 100k threshold. 2006-2003 teams will train and inter-club scrimmages until April 12th, these teams will then break for High School Soccer, returning June 12th.


Team Formation

As we navigated our way through the Covid pandemic, we opened up space on our teams to pretty much anyone interested, including allowing players to playdown an age if there was space for them. We felt this was the right thing to do, in order to provide all the benefits of exercise, social dynamics and mental health aspects we felt soccer could provide. Going forward and with games coming quickly, we will have to now evaluate players in their birth year age groups. Beginning the week of March 1st, all players will train with their birth year team, players will also play in our inter club games with their birth year teams. We will use this 3-4 week period to evaluate and select players intoteams for Nor Cal Return to Play Spring League. We will do everything possible to find a place for every interested player.  This will include, combined age group Red teams and training pool positions for those who are not selected to a team.

These teams will be in place until our usual tryouts in May!



Most teams already have uniforms, any new players in these teams can order new uniforms, or we can look into borrowing uniforms as needed. New teams, mostly 2014-12 ages, we will use North Coast FC numbered bibs. This will allow us to move quickly and get everyone playing right away. This will also save our members from buying a uniform for a very short season, with tryouts in May.


We understand that not everyone will be ready to have their kids play in the trainings and games. This is 100% your call and completely understand if you chose to sit out at this time, we will however need to have a decision for you in the next week, please let your manager know if you plan to participate asap.


An announcement and thank you regarding our coaching staff leadership.

North Coast has made some recent changes to its on-field leadership. Boys director Tim Maycock has decided to focus on other opportunities and has stepped away from his role as Boys DOC. Although it is tough to lose Tim in this role, we fully support his decision and are thrilled to have Tim continue tocoach his teams with North Coast!

The North Coast FC board and staff would like to take a moment to say thank you to Tim.

Tim has been with North Coast since its inception, in fact North Coast would never have been realized without Tim’s leadership, openness and desire toprovide a top level soccer club for our community. Tim has worked tirelessly tobring the clubs together and pave the way to forming North Coast FC. When asked about Tim’s impact Girls DOC Vinnie Cortezzo said, “We simply could never have become the club we are without Tim and he deserves a huge thank you from us all”.

We all wish Tim success with whatever his future brings and want him to know his contribution to North Coast FC is appreciated.

Thank you, Tim!


NCFC Coaching Staff 

With this change in program and move to competition we would like to note tothose new families and remind all those in the program of our updated structure. Our competitive program and field leadership will be as follows:

Director of Coaching: Vinnie Cortezzo 

Assistant Director: Chris Daly

They in turn are supported by our professional coaching staff to deliver that program in a manner that is consistent, engaging and fun.  Within that program we have some guidelines as to how we can address questions and concerns you as parents and players might have regarding specific information on player performance, team placement, tryouts, complaints, etc.


In all cases we ask that parents and or players please reach out in the order as follows: 

  1. Coach: Direct contact for all inquiries. Your coach has the best details regarding your player and their specific performance as well and can address any concerns you might have.
  2. Director of Coaching Vinnie Cortezzo: If you should have a question or concern that your players coach cannot address, please elevate this to our Director of Coaching as he will have more details regarding the programs bigger picture. This is also an outlet for any program or coaching complaints if you feel that you would need a buffer from the coach direct.
  3. Parent Player Resource Committee: Rad Babala, Mark Barry, Lee Reposa.   If any questions, concerns or complaints need to be elevated further, this committee will address those concerns.

We ask that you please follow the above outlines to maintain an equal but fair approach to all questions and concerns.

We look forward to these positive changes that allow our players compete and to see our community get back to a sense of normalcy.


Thank you NCFC family,

NCFC competitive committee

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